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Why Should You be Using Motion Graphics in Your Marketing Campaigns?

Using Motion Graphics in Your Marketing Campaigns

Why Should You be Using Motion Graphics in Your Marketing Campaigns?

One of the reasons that Motion Graphic is taking over traditional video marketing strategies is its visual power and ability to increase viewer’s interest.

Because, motion graphic videos are both visual and auditory in nature that’s why, they make it super easy for your audience to engage with you.

A motion design video is an accessible and entertaining way to communicate complex information. Let’s dig deeper so that you can understand the basics of this animation video style.

Motion Graphics (The Basics)

Motion graphic are just graphic design in movement. This process, basically adds dimension into a flat design by using time and space laws.

The Reasons Why You Should Be Using Motion Graphics in Your Marketing

  1. Higher Retention And Engagement Rates

According to a research, sixty five percent onlookers watch more than ¾ of a video, which is definitely more than text based content. Therefore, in case, if you want to get across your message then there is no good choice available except motion graphic.

  1. High Visual Power

Typically, many marketers opt visuals to transfer their idea or message and the reason behind this is that most of us are visual learners which means, we understand and memorize things with the help of visual content. Visual content like infographics, drawing or chart are highly notable and enticing.

When we add motion graphic into visual content then it comes with a perfect fit that effectively helps you to reach your audience with an impressive, persuasive and engaging content.

  1. Makes Design Really Come Alive

Motion graphics are not always about designs but it also relates with designs in motion. In this way, these motion videos make complete use of animation techniques and make designs truly alive.

  1. It Merges With Other Styles

The best thing about these motion videos is that they can be merged with other explainer video styles. For example, a motion graphic video, doesn’t comprise that human touch like other videos, but still you can add that emotional feel by adding any cute character into your video.

These characters might arouse strong emotions into your audience when you choose effective mixing styles with motion.

  1. These Videos Are Easy to Share

The fact is 50% of the users watch videos via mobile or tablets and any device can support motion content which means, unlike other videos, this could offer you more opportunities to reach your target audience with user-friendly content.

Other Benefits of Motion Graphics

To help you get a deeper understanding, here are some other benefits and advantages of motion graphics video:

  • Sophistication: it looks more sophisticated than other kinds of explainer videos.
  • Formality: it can look serious and formal to serve a professional business look.
  • Vivid colors: it utilizes bright color palettes for educational motives.
  • Straightforwardness: it comprises great power to simplify difficult ideas and hard data like measurement figures, charts, digits, and more.
  • Entertainment: It can convert a boring content into an entertaining and fun video.

When It Is Best to Use Motion Graphics Video?

There is no doubt that these videos have their own benefits, still you should understand which video style is correct for your needs. Before opt for anything, take a few seconds and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is your company comprises a formal profile?

In case, if you are marketing a service or business that is mature in nature and requires a more professional tone of communication then you should add motion graphics in your marketing plan.

  1. Are there any difficult facts that you want to convey?

If your company is about to communicate any hard type of data like numbers or charts then motion animation style is the best way to do it. These videos, easily represent complex concepts in an engaging and attractive style.

  1. Do you want a sophisticated presentation?

Motion graphics considered as the most sophisticated animation style. If you want a sophisticated look for your video then these videos are the perfect fit for you plus, you won’t find such sophistication in other types of marketing videos.

Strategies to Add In Your Marketing Video Plan

  • Your video content must guide your lead throughout the buyer’s journey
  • Your content must fulfil the audience needs and provide them a solution of their problems in the best way possible.
  • Your video must provide a value to its viewers, whether it is funny, informative, or engaging.
  • Your video must be easy to share and supports all podium especially, where users engage themselves quite often.
  • Your video must be consistent when it comes to brand identity, it must effectively tell your user that who you are and what you stand for.

This is exactly where motion graphics video can set directions for you. These videos not only contain all the strategies mentioned above but they are also way cost-effective than traditional live action video content.

If you are also looking for animated explainer videos for your business, let us know what you need and we will get your brand to life with our professional and well-designed motion graphics video.

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