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vAnimations Studio is the brand of vServices Ltd and is one of the best UK animation studios that produce 2D animation, 3D animation, Explainer Videos, Promotional Videos, Whiteboard videos and motion graphics, including Animated Songs and Children Stories.

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Whiteboard Animation

Are you tired of long-boring content? Whiteboard animations are the best way to tell your stories using a simple video. The message is always clear and concise. A whiteboard animation video allows you to communicate better and in a fun way! The style of “whiteboard animation” is limited in terms of choice of color. It does not always allow a specific graphic image to be represented. It is characterized by a much more varied image composition than other styles.

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What sets us apart?

At vAnimation, we build your story and turn it into an awesome whiteboard animation video. With our creative and interactive sights, animated characters, offering design and icons, you won’t have to suffer to get a creative whiteboard animation explainer video

Personalize it and use the final product for business introductions, animated promotions, announcements, educational projects, financial programs and much more. Amaze your customers today!

The simple and effective graphic style adapts to communicate. It is perfect to create an immediate effect on the customers and convey a message easily and pedagogically. For example, each of us instantly recognizes two points and a curve as a smiley face – despite the lack of detail. It is our minds that complete the picture. What are you waiting for? Get in touch now

How much does it cost?

Two magic words explain success: anticipation and conclusion. Whiteboard animation video is a great way to convey to your target audience (that is, potential customers) the values, results, and products that make your company unique. One of the secrets of the success of whiteboard video production is the concept known by artists and illustrators. The cost runs from $1,000-1,500 for a one-minute video-and more.

To choose the style you like best, check out the explanatory videos we have created for our clients. Don’t foregut to ask for a free quote!

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How long does it take?

Whiteboard animation video stimulates anticipation – that is, the viewer is asked to guess what will be drawn later. Each drawing in the whiteboard animation is a frame within a script and therefore must follow an obvious logic. The user follows that logic (or story, if he prefers) and captures the modes, so much that he can predict the developments. The anticipation clearly explains the hypnotic effect of the videos: to create interest, curiosity and greater involvement. This entire process of creating a one-of-the-kind animation video takes 2-4 weeks to create a unique 60-90 second white board animation video. Ring us now!

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Our Customer Says?

Results were stunning, price was good. vAnimations is a good producer of whiteboard animations. Recommended.

Sonia M