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What Is A Timeline Infographic? And Its Importance

timeline infographic

What Is A Timeline Infographic? And Its Importance

timeline infographic or infographic timeline can be a good way to present a series of events or show the evolution of a topic over a period of time. Nowadays we have a multitude of free timeline infographic maker tools to create a very visual timeline infographic design in few steps and with all kinds of content included (texts, photos, audio, and video). 

Create timeline infographics for different learning purposes by exposing the following ideas:

  • Design a timeline infographic to illustrate an event in history, the evolution of current news or technology. Example: The evolution of the phone.
  • Create a comparative table of musicians, writers, historical monuments or data of a population. Example: Quality of life between countries.
  • Create a social media timeline infographic to advertise or promote a brand. Example: A fashion house or home center.
  • Summarize the most important parts of a lesson. Example: Present of regular verbs.
  • Prepare a map that shows quantity data associated with geographical areas. Example: The online population in the world.
  • Offer a summary of the units of a subject as a preliminary index. Example: Communication Theory.
  • List tricks and tips to make a good comparison. Example: Android vs. iPhone. 
  • Ask a question and offer clues so that the student can guess the answer by looking at the different parts of the infographic timeline template and adding the answer at the end. Example: Christmas Contest.
  • Perform an organization chart to show a logical sequence with a flow of causes and effects. Example: Hosting.

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How to make a timeline infographic?

timeline infographic is a visual and orderly representation of information, data or statistics. Its purpose is to take advantage of the brain’s ability to learn and retain concepts and numbers more easily through images and graphics. The concept, for example, can be defined visually with a simple representation.

Today it is not necessary to be a graphic designer to create a beautiful infographic timeline. The quality of the infographic timeline design depends firstly on the quality of the information included. Secondly on its aesthetics that is its attractive visual understanding. Both aspects are fundamental and when one begins in its creation, a series of common mistakes are made that can be avoided following the following guidelines:

Simplify the explanation of a complex issue

The objective of an infographic timeline is to visually improve the compression of a subject. For this, the infographic must present the information clearly and concisely and based on an attractive design. The success lies in communicating a story from a new perspective. Summarize the most important points that we want the reader to retain. Keep in mind the message you want to convey and the public to whom it is addressed.

Plan your organization

An infographic timeline is similar to writing where a logical narrative flow is needed. A visual history of a specific topic is created, defining sections that appear sequentially. It is not about throwing information randomly and without any interconnection on a blank canvas. To help visually distinguish the different sections, each section is introduced with its title and different background color. It also helps to use separation lines to divide the sections. 

A typical mistake is to overload the infographic with text, images, and data becoming a dense and illegible story. For an attractive design, ensure that there is enough free space between the different elements used in the infographic timeline. 

Present the information visually

Our brain processes visual information faster and easier than if we use only text. As explained in John Medina’s Brain Rules book, visual information is 650% more likely to be retained by an audience than if only one text is used. Once the information to be presented has been chosen, it is important to find the balance between written information and visual information. A guide would be to include a maximum of between 300 and 800 words. 

If you find yourself writing too many words in the infographic, think of a way to convey that same idea through an image, a flow chart or a graph. 

A suitable color palette

The use of color improves, according to numerous studies, the understanding of information by 73% and also influences memory performance by increasing the level of attention and empathy. Take advantage of the color effect. It is advisable to limit yourself to the use of a palette of between 3 to 5 colors.

Get inspired 

If you pay attention, you will see that you are exposed to the visual communications of information. If you find yourself on the street with an advertising poster that catches your eye, or an image with a text seems especially captivating, capture and save these designs.

When you have to start doing an infographic timeline design, analyze these examples to find inspiration and adapt the design to your theme. 

Have you ever thought of creating a timeline infographic for your business or brand? Are you looking for a timeline infographic inspiration? Don’t worry! We can create the best. You can see some examples here PORTFOLIO. We will hear from you, Contact us.