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Reasons to use clever animations in video marketing

Marketing Animations

Reasons to use clever animations in video marketing

An effective Video Marketing strategy is essential to market your brand, there are multiple ways to create videos for your branding purpose. You can do product branding with various video styles for example: Try a talking-head video or a screen capture of your service, even you can also create a complete animated video.

Animated videos are nowadays, considered as one of the best video marketing ideas. It could allow you to showcase your business in a creative way that you haven’t thought of.

There are more reasons to choose animated video for video marketing, read on to know the real reasons about adding animation videos into your video marketing plans.

Animations tell a story

Video animations are the best way to tell your story, you can simply convey your idea into reality by using an animated video animation. These animations can expertly convey a creative and engaging story. Whether it’s a 30 minutes video, or a full feature movie, you can create a good story to relate with your audience.  Animations in video marketing, help convey message through a compelling story and grab the audience’s attention. The storytelling power makes your video memorable and hence, audience remember your brand.

They are cost-effective

A common perception about video animations is they are expensive, in real, they are not. Animated videos are less expensive than a real life commercial. A commercial itself requires a crew, editors, actors, makeup and lots of other requirements. On the other hand, animations are engaging, creative and much more affordable than commercials. Keep in mind that only complex animations require a bit more money.

Professional and easy to understand

Video Animations are easy to understand, they clearly display most relevant information in a simplest manner. There is no need to collect excessive information to get your idea caught, you can simply guide your viewers through a clear voice over and several charts, character or graphs.

Only low quality videos will not contribute to provide you with the required results, however, high-quality animated videos give a fair share to ideally showcase your brand to the audience.

Video animations are effective

Video animations are much more effective, they are not limited to videos or characters, and you can also go with a banner ad. According to the latest research, the combination of banner ad and animation is 4.5X more effective than a static ad.

Expands your business’s range

Business owners want to reach possibly maximum consumers, a video animation allows you to spread your message in a fun and engaging way to the popular social media sites including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Through social media, businesses can spread their animations across the world and can reach millions of users.

Video animation improves SEO

Animated videos also play a good role in improving your site’s search engine ranking, this helps your business to be more visible and accessible to the wider audience. Moreover, Google and other major search engines give more preference to the web pages that contain videos because such pages tend to receive more backlinks.

Stand out from the crowd

Animation is a very unusual and creative option both for B2B or B2C advertising, choosing an animated ad for your business, instantly set your business apart from other competitors who are using more generic advertising methods. Additionally, an animation can help you establish a very positive first impression for the viewers who are experiencing your brand very first time.

There are various benefits of using video animations in your brand’s advertising campaign, it reduces your overall ad cost, and increases ad’s shelf life plus, custom animation reflects your brand personality and makes your ad stand out from the crowd.

Animations never go out of style

A lot of businesses rely on star power to spur their advertising campaign, but soon, the campaign lost its spark. However, with animations, your ad becomes timeless and never go out of style without relying on star power.

Visuals are memorable

It’s a proven fact that viewers tend to remember what they watch instead what they read. Therefore, explaining your product/services in the form of a short animated video will receive more audience attention and people will most likely remember your name in their minds.

Get started with vAnimations

We have showed you a number of valuable reasons to use video animations in your marketing campaign. If you are unaware about where to start your next animation then contact vAnimations to get started and bring life to your animation.