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Top 7 Infographic Video Maker Tools Online

Top 7 Infographic Video Maker Tools Online

Create infographic videos in minutes! By creating infographic videos with the help of infographic video maker online, you can easily display your statistics or any information you need in a striking way. Today, we have gathered the top 7 infographic video maker tools online to make creative infographic videos!

Thousands of users around the world create online infographic videos in minutes. Present your data and statistics through a detailed infographic video created with one of the following infographic video makers online. Having high-quality does not necessarily mean complexity-it means simplicity and functionality.

Why use infographic video maker online?

You can use an infographic to compare products, sales diagram or simply entertain your customers. It could also help you to show your workflow, your financial data or even explain programs to your employees. The limit is your imagination. But if you do not have infographic video making skills, do not worry. Creating impressive infographic videos does not involve much effort and you do not have to spend much either.

Be sure to check our animated infographic videos.

Infographics are one of the most virtualizable contents, for its ability to synthesize interesting information in a single image. It is about time that you put them into practice. How? You don’t have to spend your money on Photoshop because there are many programs to craft infographic videos online for free. The following list consists of infographic video makers tools to design customized infographic videos for your business.


This free tool has six designs to start. You can insert your information in each of the pre-determined boxes, or you can add and remove boxes. Choose from more than a dozen graphics options, add text boxes, photos, maps or even videos. At the end of your infographic video, you can share it immediately on your social networks or use the code to put it on your website.


This tool starts initially with three free themes. However, don’t let this demotivate you. Its customizable editor allows you to change colors, type of fonts, add basic shapes, pre-loaded graphics, and your images. The template has a grid that will help you sort the elements or even change the sizes of the images. For more customization options and 100 templates, you can purchase the Piktochart Pro version.


In Easel.ly you start with one of a dozen free templates, or you can start with a blank canvas. You can move any target in the template and replace it with modern graphics of 10 categories, including people, means of transport, animals, and icons. There are also basic figures, connection lines, and arrows. Upload your graphics, clone or position graphics with a simple touch. Use the grid and change the color of any element on the page. You can also customize the text with the collection of fonts, styles, sizes, and colors. The finished infographic video can be uploaded and shared with a link or code.


This simple, intuitive and complete service can help you create quality designs quickly. Do not think that it will turn you into an infographic designer overnight, but it will put a series of infographic video maker tools within your reach that will guide you in the creative process. In addition to being free, it can be used by any browser from any device. As a user, you will have access to thousands of illustrations to use in your projects, and if you like to design you can upload your creations and receive money for them.


 This infographic video maker tool serves to visually represent Word clouds. Word clouds serve to graphically represent the most repeated terms in a text so that the terms that are most repeated appear larger.


 It is paid, but it has a trial version. This infographic video maker allows collaborative diagrams. This option is appreciated for groups or collaboration between departments.


Tableau Public is a free service that allows anyone to publish interactive data visualizations. You can create your infographics and use any of those that have been published on the portal, using them on your website or sharing them on social networks. Although free to use, most of these platforms will ask you to register (a very small sacrifice considering everything it offers you).

Which of these online infographic video maker tools are you going to try? We advise you to start with one and practice until you take it easy. You will see how you have fun! If you are looking for professional infographic videos for your business- get in touch with vAnimations is right here at your disposal!

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