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Top 10 Advantages Of Using Animated Infographics

animated infographics

Top 10 Advantages Of Using Animated Infographics

In any content marketing strategy, it is essential to use different formats that make the information easier to comprehend and more appealing to the consumers. Animated infographic collects, organizes and processes the information in a visual format that is easier for the user to understand and retain. Creating animated infographics is something that has become fashionable in the online marketplace, and it is proven that these graphic elements provide a lot of advantages that anyone could use.

The power of visual content is undeniable.

When developing a content marketing strategy, in addition to thinking about the content we are going to offer, we must spend some time selecting the format; that is, the way it is presented. Why? There is currently a saturation of information available online. This makes it difficult to get the user’s attention. Therefore, using resources such as animated infographics is crucial to have a place in the digital world.

Here are the 10 most important advantages:

An infographic is a visual representation that links short texts with images to easily explain a content. So much so, that studies have shown that we process images up to 60,000 times faster than texts. Hence, there are many professionals who are committed to animated infographics in their content strategies. Once this point is clarified, let’s review the advantages.

1. Scan the contents

Consumers increasingly tend to scan the scripts. The animated infographic is worth memorizing since it is easier to scan than plain text. An interpretation accompanied by animation is always more enjoyable than if we read a basic copy.

2. Assimilate, remember and understand

Animated infographic assimilates, evokes and helps audiences to get a better understanding of the content. By adding interesting animated images and icons, we tend to favor our brand image for one-to-one viewers.

3. Easy to share

Without a doubt, this advantage is one of the most valued by marketing professionals. In fact, it is one of the reasons why so many infographics are seen circulating on social networks. In both blogs and networks, it is much easier to upload an infographic than a post or a link. Animated infographics can be easily shared through the HTML code that we can offer our viewers to include in their publications without losing their trace.

4. Traffic

The animated infographic is much more likely to become viral content than a text. With increasing viral presence, it also increases traffic to the web page. Infographics are good web traffic pickers.

5. Eye-catching

The images are more attractive to the user than plain text. In addition, creating animated infographics also improves the appeal of your content to Google for its originality and added value.

6. Branding

They have the ability to reinforce the presence and brand image of a company for its visual appeal. If you enter your logo in all your infographics it will be easier for more people to see it.

7. Usability

Animated infographic can serve to illustrate a post, make a more intriguing list, or to tell a story, etc. In addition, it has the advantage of being able to mold to your liking. Are you looking for a professionally designed animated infographic for your brand? Give us a call.

8. Restoring Content

It helps to recycle your content in a very visual and attractive way. This form of infographics is able to complement or add articles already posted for a different and more attractive approach.

9. Exclusivity

Animated infographics are distinctive, inimitable and harder to copy than a written text.

10. Link Building

A well-designed infographics contributes in crafting a great impact on blogging sites to use them. This action will generate references and links to your website to prove strong link building.

In short, the advantages of using animated infographics in a content strategy to build a brand are many. So don’t hesitate, connect with us for your animation needs. We will wait for you!