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Useful Tips For Writing Video Scripts For Explainer Videos


Useful Tips For Writing Video Scripts For Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are crucial assets for businesses today, having a power to make or break your client base. If you want to tell a convincing story about your business within 60 seconds you need to have a well thought and engaging script. The script is the first step towards the making of a killer explainer video without which all your animations and illustrations are useless.

You should essentially start from understanding your target audience so that you can create a message in your script that moves your audience and move them to action. You will also have to understand the following six tips that will help you in writing video script which is impactful and memorable.

  • The shorter, the better

Your base line message should be in one sentence maximum and you need to place this sentence within the first 30 seconds of your script. This sentence should catch your audience attention and give them a fair idea about what the video is about. If you have time, try out video maker free websites to see how your script falls in actual video length.

  • Address the audience:

Address your audience directly. Use pronouns like you and your. Keep your script about them and not you. They do not care about your second quarter profits but will be interested in knowing how your product or service can help them.  Don’t write as if you are their teacher or superior. Do not lecture them. Treat them as equals and friends.

  • Take care of your tone:

Always visualize who your audience are. Avoid using script software that produce generic scripts without understanding your audience. A best practice is to describe your target audience in a one-line summary. Do you want to take presentation tone, class lecture tone, documentary style or colourful animated style? If your video has characters, your tone will either be narrative or depending on the character itself.

  • Include all necessary ingredients a story:

Most successful explainer videos present a problem, suggest a solution and then explain how the solution works so that the audience is motivated to action. Try excluding lifeless content like statistics or show them in form of colourful Infographics or animations. Try including benefits of your company products in form of story, rather than list.

  • Select a suitable pace:

Your dialogues should range from 125 to 150 words per minute. Even though you can speak at a much faster rate, you should allow time enough for your viewers to absorb what is being said. This becomes very critical in case if you are talking about something technical or Complex in your videos.

Keep in mind these handy tips and you will be able to create a killer script for your explainer videos. Don’t take script lightly. Review it thoroughly. Ask for feedback from your entire video team; producer, voice over actors, animators and graphics technicians. You can review samples of writing video maker on popular websites like Powtoon  and vAnimations.

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