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The Power of Whiteboard Videos-Hand Animations

The Power of Whiteboard Videos

The Power of Whiteboard Videos-Hand Animations

A Whiteboard video is the most admired animation style and the reason is they easily deliver your business idea with illustrations being drawn on the screen.

Whiteboard videos, basically are the fusion of great storytelling and high quality animation and that’s the thing which makes them highly engaging.

A whiteboard video could be a great tool for your marketing, only when you create it in accordance otherwise, it will not get you the required results and all your marketing efforts would be wasted.

To avoid this, you must understand the power of a whiteboard video and skills that are required to create it.

Take a look at this quick rundown about how you can create a powerful whiteboard video animation successfully.

  1. The Drawing Hand

Remember, a whiteboard video is incomplete without a hand, there must be an artist drawing your story in real time. If there is no real artist then this can be done with design tools but showing it in a traditional way is important. Keep in mind that the drawing hand must always appear. Your drawing should be created in front of the viewers eyes, it shows a human touch so, viewers feel more connected and easily understand the purpose of your story.

  1. White Background

This is something obvious that a whiteboard video is incomplete without a white background. You can creatively add colours relevant to your story, but be careful and don’t try to change the white background otherwise it will kill the whiteboard animation video style.

  1. Interconnected Drawing

The interconnected drawing is an essential part of a whiteboard video animation because it provides a continuity to your story. Moreover, it also increases viewer’s interest and they find it exciting to know what is coming next.

  1. Make It Educational

It’s a fact that when you feel interested, you learn better. Whiteboard animations generate great interest and helps visitors to understand your concept therefore, add some valuable content to your video to educate viewers. Look at some whiteboard videos at vAnimation.com as an example.

  1. Create a Concise & Clear Story

A clear and concise story is considered to be the best story and a best story comes with a best script. Therefore, you need to make sure you have a clear goal in mind while writing your script. Your goal must be focusing the needs of your potential customers, show them a solution of their problems when writing a script for your animated video. Try to be mindful, clear and concise.

  1. Read out loud

Once you are done with your perfect script now, it’s time to find how it feels like. Read it aloud to know does it sound natural. This will help you a lot to make a choice of words and tone of speech that is possibly natural. If you think you are not so good in writing a perfect script then you may ask experts to do it. vAnimations.com can help you for writing a great script for your whiteboard video animation.

Whiteboard video animation is an essential, budget-friendly tool for marketers which helps to communicate complex message in the most fascinating way. Because they are simple that’s why they grab viewers’ attention till the end. So, be ready and let your concept be resonate in thoughts with vAnimations.