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Product Explainer Video: What Is It And What Is It For?

Product explainer video

Product Explainer Video: What Is It And What Is It For?

A product explainer video is an animation that easily and briefly tells an IDEA, a PRODUCT or a SERVICE answering the questions: what it is and what it is for. Its mission is to transform a complicated message into a speech understandable by and for everyone. In short, the content is conveyed and can reach a larger target audience.

How Long Is An Explainer Video For Product?

The approximate time for an explainer video for the product is between 45 seconds and 2 minutes. Although the standard is around the minute. Consumers are impatient and demand the information within a short slot. Therefore, it is not recommended that such videos exceed these times. It is shown that the longer the explainer video, the more disinterested the viewer shows, causing a possible loss of a viewer-client.

What requirements must have an Explainer Video for Product?

A good explainer video should capture the viewer’s attention in the first 10 seconds. For this, it is necessary to have a good script that knows how to convey the main idea in a clear and concise speech.

On the other hand, it is necessary that both the graphics showed and the animations breathe brand image. There are many companies that choose to incorporate illustrations or graphic material from image banks. This does nothing but eliminate any type of disposition to the piece and move it away from the identity of our company.

But how are these animation videos for companies made? 

The idea is to create original corporate videos that include digital multimedia graphic elements that are brought to life through different animation techniques. These elements can be rotated and moved to create movement and achieve a video sequence. The result is a video that speaks for itself, without the need for any informative support.

What are the advantages of Animated Product Explainer Video? 

Video marketing is unstoppable. A few years ago companies had to catch up on the Internet with the website, blog or online store, then came social networks, web positioning, and mobile applications. There are many different sales channels, where before there were a few, but that, over time, they have become massive. And now it is time to pay some attention to the image and design to stand out among the competitors. This is where animated product explainer videos for companies come in.

Today, brands are aware of the importance of innovating and displaying their product or service in a more original way that attracts the attention of users. Gone are those days of showing inflatable videos. That is why animation videos have become an excellent alternative to give a much more dynamic and fun image.

Advantages of animated product explainer videos for companies:

  • Animated video marketing is a very effective strategy so that your followers, users or potential clients reach you online. 
  • Animated video is a vital tool in any digital marketing strategy, not only because it is vital to reach your users more and better, but also because you get brand awareness and offer added value to your target.
  • Explanatory videos not only show everything your company, product or service is capable of but also help your users and customers to better understand your products and services. If you need an Animated Product Explainer Video for your company, contact us.
  • Google loves videos! Improve the visibility of your brand up to 50 times in the main search engines.
  • It is the most powerful marketing tool, it is considered the content with the best return on investment.
  • Entertain, have fun and inspire your audience, since 90% say they are useful when making a purchase decision.
  • It allows you to show what you do without reading texts, so the message will be remembered much more and will retain it more easily.
  • Animated videos generate a better connection with your target audience since online video increases awareness of a brand’s product or service by 74%.

Explainer Video- the best ally

Both Start-up companies, SMEs and big companies – need support to publicize their products or services quickly and visually. Video is the best solution to communicate your ideas and messages. 

Major brands such as Google, Microsoft or Facebook are already using Explainer Videos as a tool to advertise their new products or improve their services.

Nowadays many agencies are contacting creative studios that offer animated product explainer video services to be able to offer their clients. What are you waiting for? Call us for an animated product explainer video in UK services today!