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vAnimations Studio is the brand of vServices Ltd and is one of the best UK animation studios that produce 2D animation, 3D animation, Explainer Videos, Promotional Videos, Whiteboard videos and motion graphics, including Animated Songs and Children Stories.

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Motion Graphics Videos

Are you thinking of hiring a motion graphics designer in the UK for your organization or company? You want to incorporate motion graphics animation video because it is fashionable, it looks cute or perhaps it is economical compared to a mega-video production, where the only mega is the price! Well, if you thought so … you’re right! All these factors characterize a motion graphics video. Today the motion graphics video production is undoubtedly the best cross-platform resource to communicate a message, tell a story and inspire your audience.

At vAnimation motion graphics studio London, our production team is at your disposal.  A motion graphics explainer video is a dynamic advertising medium that can be used for: corporate videos; audiovisual postproduction; interactive presentations; events; project exhibitions, DVD authoring, and more.

Motion Graphics Videos

What is a Motion Graphics video?

Within the wide range of promotional videos and corporate videos, we find a whole series of classifications by type, objectives, techniques, etc. Although this technique may sometimes be overlooked, Motion Graphics videos are widely used in the business world, both internally and externally. The secrets of this technique are to use motion graphics explainer video to understand its characteristics, classification and everything related.


What does the term Motion Graphics mean?

Motion graphics= graphic elements in motion. However, they are not moving! The illusion of movement is created by our Motion Graphic Designer through editing programs and digital techniques, simulating animation. The graphic elements used in a Motion Graphics video are figures, photographs, and images, digital fonts and letters, colors, designs, etc. All this forms a Motion Graphic.

That is, Motion Graphics videos are nothing more than a multimedia graphic animation video. And depending on the story to be told, the message and the objective will be one way or another.

Reminder: It should not be confused with 2D or 3D animation. A Motion Graphics project is the union of audiovisual techniques, which we can classify according to the technique used, its application and other factors.


Only the best services for you!

In vAnimation motion graphics explainer video agency, we are professionals in the development of motion graphics video for your project or business. We are dedicated to our specialty. Which means that we can offer you the best quality in packages and solutions to suit you.

  • Perfect to explain complex concepts

Motion Graphics video is the best option if you need to convey a complex idea but simply and straightforwardly. If you own a company in the financial or technological industry, for example, you should choose these types of animation videos.

  • The amazing power of synthesis

A Motion Graphics video can animate graphics in a didactic but attractive way. If a video is worth a thousand words, imagine the power and impact that such a corporate video can have.

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  • Turn boring information exciting

A Motion Graphics video is great for transmitting complex concepts. And, it is also the best style to turn boring information, such as statistics or facts, into an eye-catching and attention-grabbing content.

  • A very elegant video style

Do you need to give your corporate video an elegant and sophisticated touch? The Motion Graphics technique is perfect for you. It is elegant and formal but at the same time, it has a strong visual appeal.

  • Explain how a product works in a few seconds

It is not necessary to create a long and complex video to explain the characteristics of a product. Instead, you can resort to the animation of different graphic elements. This makes it easier for your target audience to understand how your product works in a matter of seconds.

  • Blend of new techniques

One of the best things about Motion Graphics video is its versatility and its ability to combine with other explanatory video styles: such as Live Action, Character Animation, or Whiteboard Animation. These styles give motion graphics video an emotional and personal touch. Isn’t this a perfect recipe?


Benefits of Motion Graphics Animation:

In case you don’t know, any type of business or company can benefit from a Motion Graphics video. These types of corporate videos can fit perfectly with your marketing goals, regardless of the products or services you sell. A motion graphics presentation help you get closer to your potential customers. A corporate Motion Graphics video is very versatile and allows you to explain complex ideas simply.

  • A product or service that is difficult to understand can be explained in 30 seconds when using Motion Graphics. This is possible through a video or animated spot.
  • Motion Graphics animation is much more versatile when it comes to implementing resources and allows recreating situations or scenarios impossible to capture on video.
  • It is a technique that serves to reinforce formats such as advertising spots, institutional videos or branding projects.
  • Allows you to integrate a variety of multimedia resources, such as photographs and videos, illustrations or 3D animation resources.
  • It is one of the most requested audiovisual language techniques when communicating.


Do you want a corporate video for your company?

Motion graphics corporate video is a technique that makes your corporate video louder, fun and original. In short, it is like a multimedia graphic animation in motion. These elements can be rotated, scaled, created or even a video sequence. This term is used to distinguish it from fixed graphic designs. Call us now to get your Quote.