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Motion Graphics Designing- A Tool To Communicate Better

Motion Graphics Designing- A Tool To Communicate Better

What is motion designing?

Why limit yourself to the static image when you can use all the graphics resources at your fingertips to create videos and animations full of life and intensity? Motion graphics or motion designing, are digital graphic elements such as images, photographs, titles, colors and other multimedia designs, which come to life through movement and animation. Unlike fixed graphic designs, we can define motion graphics as an animated multimedia animation or moving animation.

Motion designer portfolio: From fixed to animated design and video

The role of the motion graphic designers is of paramount importance to comprehend and complete a motion designer portfolio. To convert a fixed design into an animated one, techniques such as rotating, scaling, creating movement or even achieving a video sequence are generally used. Motion Graphics were born in the 50s, but there were no animation systems and less of the software available today to make them.

These animations are becoming a new form of art and expression. The incorporation of 3D editing programs in recent times has advanced rapidly in just a few years. This animation technique is sweeping the internet, television, advertising, and cinema.

Motion graphic design is now an increasingly widespread technique in all types of audiovisual media and platforms: cinema, television, graphic interfaces, web pages, advertising shorts, social networks, events, whose possibilities seem endless.

Brew in fresh and effective ideas with Motion designing

Motion Graphics can combine different disciplines such as graphic design, photography, video, and audio to communicate a message. Its greatest power lies in the ability to communicate fresh ideas, values ​​, and concepts quickly and effectively. For this reason, the audiovisual and graphic industry is pointing its efforts towards motion graphics or complete animations of infographic cutting, optimized for new content channels.

Types of Motion Graphics:

  • Kinetic Motion Graphics:

    Combination of text, graphic design, and music. It is one of the most used techniques.

  • Kinetic Typography:

    It’s moving text. Usually accompanied by audio in which a voice-over imitates the script.

  • Stop Motion:

    It is about the assembly of photography to photography. This combination of many photos results in very interesting graphics.

  • Combined with real image:

    Motion Graphics interacts with real images creating an extremely striking contrast effect.

Why should you opt for motion graphics design?

Companies are choosing motion designing for the advantage of cost savings over traditional advertising shorts. Motion design values a good reflection of the company according to the colors and the chosen design, originality and effectiveness of the message to be transmitted.

A well-designed motion graphic video can explain concepts in a simple way supported by infographics and text. That is why it is not surprising that they are widely used to exemplify data, ideas, theories, etc. It’s time to capture the attention of visitors and transmit the desired message with the speed that the web requires motion designing. Are you interested in checking out our portfolio? Click here!

What does a motion graphic designer do?

The task of a motion graphic designer is to communicate his creativity through a concept or an idea. He should know how to transmit his idea in such originality that the desired interpretation reaches and touches the audience. The designer can carry out work within what is framed as a project and planning. He can work in advertising design, web design, multimedia design, typographic design, information design, packaging design, editorial design, and corporate identity design.

motion graphic designer can collaborate or specialize in different areas and collaborate with both urban and business developments, having knowledge of what the design is and how to plan it, using it to solve different situations. You can connect with our team of highly professional motion designers in London, right now! 


What will 2020 have for animation design and motion graphics?

In 2020, we are all set to experience a massive adoption of motion graphics design and animation, perhaps more than ever before. As more brands use motion design to excel in their social and digital channels, they must define their unique approach to voice and style. The need for brand-level differentiation will result in more brands that take their drive seriously through animation.



The concept of motion graphics designing is not new. The possibility of giving movement to any image with sounds, not only generates a more striking piece but also allows us to move towards new horizons. From a semiotic point of view, we can not only reinterpret pre-established meanings through this new branch, but we can generate links of completely new meanings. Motion designing opens the game, does not limit but expands the possibilities.

On the experimental side of motion designing, we will see many more games with responsive typography and real-time type integrations in video using AR and VR frames. So, what are you waiting for? Get your game on now! Connect with us to assist you further.