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Animated Infographic Videos

Do you know the advantages animated infographics can bring to your content? Nowadays, brands with websites who share content on their social networks include animated infographics, as they know the power they have. An animated infographic video increases the engagement of your product.

A brilliant idea and want to inspire a large number of people?  Do you have data? Tell us a story! The data is boring, but telling stories is not. Use that in your favor and communicate through stories. Do you want some help to do it? Animated Infographic video is at your disposal. To do this, we at vAnimation create attractive infographics videos for you.

What is Infographic?

Infographics offer a multitude of possibilities for almost any type of business. It offers great flexibility when it comes to narrating services by mixing texts with icons and graphic elements that transmit modernity and technology.


Video+ Infographics = Success

Animated infographic video offers you the possibility of presenting abstract data or concepts in an entertaining and easy to understand way. The power of Infographics Video can change the way you do business. It is your mantra for success. You can adapt it or ignore it. It’s up to you.


 Types of animated video infographics

  • We can make infographics video by mixing edited photographic images with graphics and animated texts.
  • For software services, we offer animated video infographics with the technological design with 2D elements.
  • Or infographic videos to transmit information through data, graphics, texts and animated icons.


I want to do something different but, how can I explain my services? We at vAnimation help you to conceive the video attractively.  We take care of all the development of the audiovisual project.

1. Script

We look for the idea and write the text. We write the script, we design the storyboard, sound, and postproduction. We take care of all the development from beginning to end.

2. Storyboard

We design the story and the characters.

3. Filming

We recorded with our super team.

4. Animation

We give life to the drawings.

5. Post Production

Music, effects … The perfect finish! We help you launch the infographic video with social media campaigns and video ads on YouTube Adwords.

Want an instinctive animated infographic video? Get your FREE quote  NOW!!!

Why Use An Infographic Video?

An infographic video is a graphic and visual representation to expose and summarize the contents on a particular subject through images, drawings, graphics or visual elements. In any infographic video, different elements are combined. An infographic gives meaning to information that we want to transmit, whether to our reader, client or any other type of audience. For this reason, we must not forget that an animated infographic video is a very important element to summarize the contents.

Infographics videos have recently become a success: they are innovative, fun and reach millions of people through social networks. Marketing professionals realized this a long time ago and, since then, they use the charm of animated graphics. It is a great way to market their products effectively and, thus, win more customers.



  • The benefits Infographics video bring us are incredible. And, therefore, we should not miss the opportunity to include them if our time permits.
  • Infographics serve as support to help the reader.
  • It allows understanding the concepts in a clearer and simpler way.
  • It helps to remain in the reader’s memory ahead of the text.
  • Increase the reader’s stay on the website.
  • Increase the visibility and engagement of your post, as many users will share your infographics on social networks, and can make it viral.
  • Animated infographic adds value to your content.
  • It reinforces the brand image in front of the public.


 The Power Of Animated Infographics Video

Videos with infographics combine images with texts and data and allow you to count a service or show figures from corporate memory. We at vAnimation, explain a service through technological concepts and images.

Do you need something that differs you from the rest? At vAnimation, our fabulous team of proficient animated infographic designers is here for you!  Get acquainted with a corporate video, an animated video or an animated infographic. Ask for a dose of ideas, we can do something big together.

Tell us how we can help you. We will be happy to prepare a budget for your Infographic video. We would love to know what your needs are and offer you the most appropriate solutions to your budget.




At vAnimation, we make sure every Infographic video we create is attractive and aesthetic. And, calls your reader to read it, thus keeping the image of the brand. Many times your audience does not remember the object, but it is left with an image in its head of the infographic. Hence, we take care of the smallest detail.

Our Infographic video is simple and well-designed, according to the information presented in it. It is a technique we use as a marketing strategy to increase the time spent on your website. What are you waiting for?

Don’t you know if an animated infographic video is the best for what you want to transmit?  You have doubts? Call us!