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How Your Brand Can Benefit From Infographics Videos

How Your Brand can Benefit from infographics videos

How Your Brand Can Benefit From Infographics Videos

Infographics and Infographic videos are quite demanding these days, the reason behind their success is their exceptional style to deliver boring information into shareable content.

Both infographics and infographics video can help you create a hype for your brand’s marketing. Also, both of these visual representation of data are very effective for increasing the level of engagement and interest in viewers.

Since, both of these marketing tools have their own benefits and effectiveness, still we would like to guide you about which one is best and most suited for your brand. Let’s dig deeper to know each of these two styles.

What Are Infographics?

Infographics are simply the combination of design, writing and analysis which together create a clear picture of data that is simple and easy to understand.

What Are Infographic Videos?

Infographic videos are motion videos that simply put your design in motion. It provides an extra appeal in your content and makes your story a bit more compelling for the audience. Since, videos have more visual appal than infographics that’s why they influence people more than images.

Benefits of Infographics

Infographics are highly effective for branding plus, the colossal interest for visual content promotes it for almost any purpose, related to data sharing. These infographics are highly informational and comprise many other benefits including:

  • Versatility

As mentioned above, these infographics can be suitable for anything that is related to data sharing. You can use if for creating a timeline, description of sales record, business assets or making a bar graph. Anything can be described by infographics because they are super-versatile in nature.

  • The Data Compilation

Data aggregation is another benefit that is associated with infographics. The statistic infographic is an impressive way to gather data. It allows you to use information from past years and combine it with the current trends to show your business/revenue/sales progress to the clients or B2B customers.

  • Infographic Creates Interest

The most important reason you can use infographic is they deliver results. Also, searches for infographic has been increased by 40% between 2009 to 2011. This means, people taking more interest in infographics and if you’ll be using them on your site, you can increase viewer’s interest.

Benefits of Video Infographics

Infographic videos have benefits related to infographics. Video infographics also known as “animated infographics”. They comprise the art of combining multiple animations to describe data in an interesting way.

  • Media Integration

The biggest advantage of infographic video is the ability to integrate various types of media that you could not achieve with statistic infographics that only consist of images.

  • Shareable Content

Video infographics are more shareable than statistic infographics because they are more appealing. People feel more attracted towards moving pictures and animations therefore, they share videos more than images.

Which Is Best For You?

Before deciding which type of infographic you should use, ask yourself these questions first:

  • Do you have data that needs to be present in detail?– Consider the data type you are going to present. If you have data that should be detailed examined then you can use static infographic. This will allow viewers to look over your data and study it well, whenever they are free from work. They cannot focus that much on your detailed data, if you’ll present it in a video.
  • Do you want visuals and graphs to be focused?– Static images and infographics have their own benefits. If you want to attract people with creative visuals or graphs, you should use traditional static infographics.
  • Do you want engagement level to be raised on your site?– Video infographics can create user interest at a higher level because of user’s love for animation or story-telling. Also, if you have a story to tell about your business or other feature, video infographics would be an effective option.
  • Is your success ever linked with video?– Consider your past trends, look if you ever had any success with video, if yes then you must focus on video infographics. If you never used a video infographic, still try it for once to see how it works for you.
  • Is your content type is suitable for video ?– Lets think what type of content are you using in your statistic graphics, will it be more effective to show in a video format. If the answer is yes then you may choose a video.
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