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How To Start An Animation Studio

starting an animation studio

How To Start An Animation Studio

As animators get trained to use their artistic talents wisely, the key question that revolves in their mind is how to turn their talent into basis of a great career. While most artists have worked as freelancers at one time or other, eventually the best option lies in starting an animation studio that is your very own.

Contrary to what most think, small animation business or any small business for that matter is a tough job. A lot of hard work and dedication go in gradually establishing your brand reputation and taking on more clients. You will benefit from the following tips if you are starting an independent animation studio.

  • Make sure what you want to do:

Animation business is vast and it will be better if you settle on what you tend to specialise in. Off course, you can choose to make your business offer multiple services like short film, whiteboard explainer videos, motion graphics or 2D and 3D animations. But for a start up animation studio it is better that you introduce yourself as experts in one particular type and gradually add on other types.

  • Build your team wisely:

Animation business requires a multi talented team. You cannot be a expert in everything like modelling, rigging, texturing, designing and lighting. Filming will further require editors, directors and producers. For smaller budget projects, you can become more than one of these simultaneously but than you will be Jack of all trades and master of none. It is better you hire experts who know their work well.

But be very careful who you choose to be on your team for starting an animation company. It is not necessary that your best friend is a wise choice. Choose people who are compatible with your level of enthusiasm and dedication. Bringing same set of skills will be useless. Choose team members who bring complimentary skills to your business. Most importantly, team members should agree on the overall business vision.

  • Choose a good business name:

Don’t take this lightly. Your business name should help people remember about you and reinforce your brand qualities. Name is integral part of branding and marketing strategy.  Good business names define business objectives also. Yes, you can change your business name at later stages but no, this is not a wise approach. It is better you make wise naming decisions at start up time.

  • Draw out Your Business plan:

Business plan is kind of summary of what you intend to do with your business. It describes your business concept; who you are, what you sell, to whom you sell and what will be your competing factors. But this will also include financial overview of the business and finance requirements. You will do better if you can include some projections like expected sales and costing.

Your business plan will also describe the legal status of your company; partnership, company, sole trader Etc. And most importantly the business plan will include your mission and goals and objectives. This will help you decide what clients you take, what team member you choose and generally what decisions you make with your business. Off course you will always need to re-evaluate them with changing internal and external conditions.

This pretty much sums up how to start an animation studio. Meet experts. Learn from them. Be open to suggestions but evaluate closely what is being suggested. We hope you find these general tips useful for a successful start up of an animation studio and will use them in growing your business perpetually.

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