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How To Make a Killer Animated Music Video

Animated Music Video

How To Make a Killer Animated Music Video

Animated videos are a big business today, BUT creating a killer animation is quite a big challenge because they have to be creative yet on-trend. These animated videos can serve you a lot when you add them in your content strategy. There are countless benefits your business could gain, if your animated video is exactly on point.

Some Benefits of Animated Video

Over the last few years, animated explainer videos got tremendous popularity in the industry and have been considered as the most effective marketing tool for all types of business.  These explainer videos not just jumpstart conversion rates but also clarify your business objectives just within few seconds.

Animated videos are also very engaging and that’s how they help to generate user interest which ultimately leads to enhance your product knowledge amongst its viewers.  Apart from making your impact quickly in the market, animations also help you rank better in the Google.

Since, there are countless benefits an animated explainer video can offer to your business, we have decided to complete your online business promotion by revealing some tips to create a killer animated music video.

How to Create a Killer Animated Music Video

  • A Good Script Is Definitely Required

There is surely a reason they are called explainer videos because they explain your product/service in a matter of seconds. Moreover, the average attention span of an internet user is just 8 seconds therefore, it is very important to make a script that is clear and explain your product in the initial seconds. Your script should be clear, easy and understandable. If you are not good at writing scripts that can convey much information shortly then you can also hire a script writer. Before hiring a script writer for your animated video, make sure that the writer should be able enough to give your business a fresh look in its explanation. Before start working on your script, try to focus the following questions;

What specific problem your business is solving?

What key benefits you want to be highlighted?

How does your product/service work?

  • Select Your Animation Style

This is the second step after completing your animation video script. Now, you have to decide what look you want for your animation video. In this phase, you need to select an animation style for your video. Typically, there are 4 common styles that you may select for your animation video.

  • Whiteboard Style

This is very popular style and most businesses follow this style for their animated videos. The whiteboard animation style perfectly educate viewers about your product/ service by adding relevant engaging details.

  • Motion Graphics Animation

In Motion graphics animation, your message will be conveyed with the help of moving graphic elements and texts. This style is quite famous for explaining complex concepts in an engaging way.

  • Silhouette style animation

In this silhouette animation style, characters are illustrated as silhouettes. These silhouettes are clearly present in single colours which don’t need to be black. They can also have simple expressions to express emotions.

  • Create Your Animations

Now, in this step you need to create your animation. Try to project information in the most memorable, simple and friendly way. A simple tip to create your animation is that keep it simple, fun and smart. Multiple animations can divert the attention of your viewers therefore try to keep it as less as possible.

  • Record Your Voice Over/Music

Once you are done with your animations, now you can simply add your voiceover or music track to your video. Keep in mind that your voice quality/music must sound professional and clear. Adding music into your video can be little daunting therefore, before adding music make sure that the music must match with your brand and gives a great impression.

  • Share Your Video

This is the whole purpose of creating your animated video. You must share your animated video content with the most relevant people for your business. You have to add all the above elements in your animated video to make it perfect then share it in accordance to get your message across.

If you are looking for a platform to get started then vAnimations is your place to be at, you can simply contact us with your video details and we will manage the rest of things for sure.