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Freelance Motion Graphics – How To Land Your Gigs?

Freelance Motion Graphics – How To Land Your Gigs?

Motion Graphics have a series of applications in which a designer can enter by developing their conceptualization and composition skills. It is to create a visual message made up of various animation techniques combining graphics and movement. A freelance motion graphics designer demonstrates the ability to synthesize information in visual representations. The presentation should have the capacity to observe, analyze and solve problems of visual communication. It is formed through the conceptualization of information and digital technological tools. In this way, you will be able to apply your knowledge integrally.

7 Tips To Get A Better Freelance Motion Graphics Gig

Have you ever encountered a design that at first glance seemed simple and you thought “I could do that myself”? However, when you try to do it, you don’t get a professional version, despite your efforts. Why? It turns out that professional freelance motion graphics designers have some aces up their sleeve to make their work look professional.

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From using contrast to enhance the design of staying simple but attractive, we offer wise and basic tips to achieve an excellent design presentation. These seven tips are key and always worth considering when you start working on a new freelance motion graphics project.

1. Use contrast to highlight designs

The use of contrast in the design helps to highlight all the areas within the images, make the color bright, and highlight the shadows and textures. It is very important to highlight the colors, especially when choosing the background color and the color of the fonts or graphics that will be used in the design. A good rule of thumb is that if you have a light-colored background, then the typography should go in dark colors (and vice versa).

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2.    Select The Font Carefully

In a freelance motion graphics project, often you have a specific type of font as a concern that should always be used. But, if you start designing your corporate image, select one that shows your graphic style. This typeface should be easy to adapt both in titles, texts, small spaces and in other applications, but above all that is readable at first instance and easy to read.

3.    Define The Line

The lines are not only separators. The right lines can involve movement and emotions, which allows to unify a composition and achieve a professional appearance. Defining a line of motion in a composition can help create a design that truly reflects the desired mood.

4.    Choose The Correct Color Scheme

Like the above selection, the color scheme is of the utmost importance to achieve a successful Motion Graphics design. The color or colors to select must match the personality of the brand since they will be the ones used throughout the company. It is advisable not to mix more than three colors and always be faithful to them.

5.    Don’t Ditch The Alignment

Think of the alignment as an invisible axis that crosses the elements and connects them visually either by their edges or their centers. Alignment is a topic that arises more frequently when freelance Motion Graphics designers discuss text and typography. It is equally important to consider the alignment of non-text elements to create a balanced and orderly composition.

6.    Do Not Leave The Images Naked

The use of images in the design adds interest and helps the design stand out. A piece of good advice for Freelance Motion Graphics designers is to use a grid or frame in images where possible. This is a simple trick that will give the design a professional touch.

7.    Stay Simple

Finally, it can be easy to get carried away by so many great images, graphics, and fonts to choose from. A messy design is overwhelming, suffocating and sometimes in bad taste. Everything that is placed within a design must have justification to be and keep a minimum of fonts colors, shapes and frames so as not to mix styles and leave the message to be given clearly.

Make Your Compositions Go To The Next Level

As a freelance motion graphics designer, we want you to do different things and do them well. We want you to express your ideas with the help of new technologies and resources. Explore and discover your creative universe. Generate new ideas and carry them out with your style.

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