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The Four Main Elements of A Good Narrative Video

Four Main Elements of A Good Narrative Video

The Four Main Elements of A Good Narrative Video

Brevity is a powerful literary tool known to only a handful of Writers. Today, content marketing is a popular term that you frequently hear. It revolves around an ability to capture vast experiences of people and create a connection to your brand through these experiences. Platforms like Twitter are built on a central idea to reach people with as few words as possible. Your corporate videos require powerful short narrative to reach your target audience and leave an impact.

For a writer who has the flexibility of reaching his target audience  and writing goals with longer narratives, there are 8 Essential elements that will contribute to making of a great story. These are Stasis, Trigger, Quest, Surprise, critical choice, climax, reversal and resolution. In contrast, when you have to make a narrative video you do not have luxury of greater lengths. When you make animated explainer videos , you only have few minutes; or in some cases seconds, to grab your audience attention, establish a connection with them and narrate a story that leaves an impact with them. Of course this does not leave you with time enough to incorporate all 8 elements. But you will need to have four basic elements in your video narrative story in order to make it powerful and impactful. These are:

  1. The Introduction
  2. The Quest
  3. The Climax
  4. The Resolution


Ideally, you should introduce your characters; who they are, what is their age or how do they look dress, think or work. You should carefully define your hero and without mentioning eventual result, explain what is the problem that the hero is facing. Do not add on complex, lengthy backgrounds but instead leave it to your audience to build their own version based on your hero’s character traits. You can use props to signal hints like spectacles to indicate that the hero is nerdy.


According to some of the best narrative animation definitions, your video should include clearly what is the pain point, or the conflict or quest that the character is facing. It will be great if you can add on why the audience will not want to be in situations of these pain points or in other words what are the effects of these conflicts or pain points. Remember to represent these conflicts as learning opportunities or teaching points for the main lead characters.


Tell your audience what became the turning point in the lead character’s life. What made him/her realise the need for change. And how your product or service can contribute to this change. These few seconds are crucial to the entire video, as this is where you get to promote your business and team. Think carefully what is a narrative video objective to help you decide on how to deal with the first three elements in your video.


By this point in video, you would have introduced your lead character, explained the conflict and the quest and depicted a turning point too. Now you need to show the resolution. Most of the times, it is understood to be solution to the problem but depending on how you have decided to deal your narrative video, resolution can simply be a continuation of conversation or mere awareness of the existence of the conflict or pain point.

Remember, story is an age old method that people use to connect or explain their views. There is always a hero and a problem that the hero sets to solve. Happy Conclusions are powerful motivators. Making your video narrative story as realistic as possible is a sensible approach as your audience will be more receptive to what they can actually feel. Make sure along with these four elements, your video has suitable animations, sound effects and graphics.