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Explainer Video Production Companies – How They Boost Sales With Animated Explainer Video

explainer video production companies

Explainer Video Production Companies – How They Boost Sales With Animated Explainer Video

In 2019, videos are expected to represent 80% of total internet traffic to increase the visibility of any brand.  Currently, they are a fundamental tool of any retail marketing strategy.  Meanwhile, this phenomenon reflects the exponential budding of explainer video production companies.

What is an Explanatory Video?

One of the most popular! The explanatory videos explain how business, service or product works. They are based on the potential client’s need to present the product/service as a solution to that demand. These videos are short, creative, entertaining and reach millions of people through social networks. Marketing professionals use the charm of animated graphics to market their products effectively and, thus, win more customers.

Do you have a brilliant idea and want to inspire people? To do this, you just have to seek the help of a professional explainer video production company to create attractive explanatory videos for your business.

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 Believe it or not, in this digital age people can retain attention at the same time as a fish. Yes! Only eight seconds are needed to lose the viewer. In this context, explanatory videos are a powerful tool to inform attractively while maintaining the interest of the client. In no more than 90 seconds, you can generate quality leads, which remain longer on your page to increase the conversion rate.

Do not forget that 70% of marketing professionals say that video converts better than any other tool. For example, Explainer Video Production Company can use the technique of Whiteboard animation to develop the image in front of the viewer while maintaining their attention.

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What is explainer video marketing?

Is it interesting to use explainer video production companies to promote your business? In addition to YouTube, the videos flooded platforms and networks initially focused on other media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Linkedin. With explainer videos, it is possible to communicate a lot of information through the image, audio, music, lyrics, and animations. It is easier to attract the attention of the viewer and, consequently, to engage and generate engagement. The animated images fetch an infinity of signals to communicate with the viewer.

4 ways to boost sales with animated explainer video:

A video introduces, explains, and promotes your company in a summary clip that normally lasts 2-3 minutes. This sounds pretty useful, but does your company need a video? Maybe you already have a good website, a lot of traffic to the site, and a small but reliable customer base. Would it help your company to add an explanatory video that boosts sales? Should an explanatory video be a priority? These are the 4 main advantages that can appear if you have an explanatory video.

1. Reach a professional level

An explanatory video can add that touch of professionalism to your official site. When customers watch explanatory videos designed by any explainer video production company, it gives them the feeling that the company is reliable and enterprising.

2. Stand out

Today nothing is indeed original. So, whatever you are selling to potential customers, there are at least hundreds of competing companies. And that’s where an explanatory video can help you stand out from other companies by highlighting your original perspective on the product. The more striking and innovative the video, the more consumers will remember your company instead of your competition with the help of explainer video production companies.

3. Conversion rate

Perchance getting traffic to your company’s site is not a problem, but you could improve the number of sales. Explanatory videos help increase conversion rates. Instead of waiting for your prospects to navigate your site to find all the information, you generate sales on the home page, using your video. Explain why they should choose your product, show your payment options and direct them to click if they are interested.

4. Promotion

Once you have your explanatory video, place it everywhere. An explainer video production company helps you reach a wider audience.

Action Time

In the end, with so many advantages and more and more online presence, should explainer videos be prioritized in businesses? So let’s decide and, get you video done with vAnimation the best explainer video production company. 

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