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Let’s Cartoonify Yourself


Let’s Cartoonify Yourself

Quite a number of websites have surfaced that can add special effects to images. One of the most recent popular trends in presentation videos and introductions or profile pictures is creating cartoon avatars of one’s photos. Let’s have a look at some of popular websites where you can cartoonize your photos.

  1. Meez

Meez is a virtual world and an online community popular for gaming and multimedia sharing. You can create personified avatars, use this photo cartoon online profile picture and chat in meeting rooms.  Meez offers elaborate styling options.

  1. Portrait Illustration Maker:

This platform allows you to create free character icons. You may want to use this popular cartoon face maker for personal or business purposes. You can also use it for your blog or SNS. It has popular options like twitter icon maker, portrait avatar or portrait mail.

  1. Face your Manga

This is a free service where you can use the popular cartoon my picture option to create customised avatars for yourself. The platform server will email you your avatar that you can use in IM, snapchats, blogs, social media profiles and many other online forums.

  1. Simpsonize Yourself:

Ever been a fan of Simpson’s? Or have you ever wondered how would you look if you were a Simpson? Use this amazing service to create your own Simpson character from wide variety of nose, eyes, mouths, hair and clothing options.

  1. BeFunky:

Create cartoon from photo online using this amazing photo editor. BeFunky has more than hundred easy to use feature tools that offer simple yet impactful effects to your photos. You can upload from Flickr, Facebook or Photo Bucket in JPEG, GIF, and PNG formats.

  1. South Park Avatars:

This is a good news for avid fans of South Park. The makers of the popular series bring you a cartoon maker from their own studios. You can create your own customised avatars that will look like South Park characters. It has easy to use ‘create my cartoon option.

  1. Yahoo Avatars:

The online giant Yahoo offers you a customised avatar maker for all Yahoo sites; email, games, IM, music engines, podcasts and 360 profile. Customise your hair, eyes, nose, mouth etc with simple clicks. You can also download the avatar and use it elsewhere.

  1. Evolver

This dynamic service creates your 3D avatars. Create cartoons from photo online. With Evolver, you can also create live animations for your avatars and export it in JPEG , GIF or HD FLV video. You can also earn selling customised avatars.

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