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10 Rules Of Creating Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animations

10 Rules Of Creating Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation is a simple process that is used to draw a story on the whiteboard with the help of an artist who draw in front of a camera and record themselves during the whole process.

Today, Whiteboard Animation is very demanding and it is for a reason, this type of video animation has endless possibilities plus, it’s a great tool for educating people.

A Whiteboard Animation can convey a very complex message into the simplest and engaging way in short, these animations can convert any bore material into an entertaining theme.

But, to create an effective whiteboard animation, there are certain rules to follow. To help you understand how to make perfect whiteboard animation video, we are presenting these ten golden rules.

Rule # 1

Storytelling Should Be Powerful

A good story is difficult to evade therefore, don’t just try to make sale in fact, present your content in the most effective way. You can use the power of storytelling to convey your message. To create an attractive story try to keep your focus around audience and show them how your product or service is solving their problems.

Rule # 2

Create Animated Characters

Characters can add life into your story, characters can keep your story all together. Animated characters not only make your video engaging and memorable but they also help you to represent your audience in the most effective way.

Rule # 3

Keep it Conventional

A traditional whiteboard video animation always works best therefore, to keep your video conventional don’t forget to use these three elements: a white background, black drawing and a hand. These elements are the basic characteristics of a whiteboard video animation that give a crystal clear identity to your video style. You can also add details in your video but keeping it simple and traditional would be a smart move.

Rule # 4

Make Your Message Prominent With Colours

Since, it’s important to keep things traditional but adding a bit of creativity won’t be a bad deal at all. While keeping your Whiteboard animation black and white, you can still add some colours to highlight important part of your message. Note: you can use your brand colour to highlight key spots.

Rule # 5

Don’t Forget to Add Hand

One important thing to remember is that you have to add hand otherwise your video will not be considered as whiteboard video animation. The hand must always appear.

Rule # 6

Use Emotional References

Adding emotional references to your video can be effective because it can help you engage your audience. Since, we know storytelling is powerful, add elements to your story that can make your video memorable. You can add a touch of classic movie in your video to bring an emotional feel in it.

Rule # 7

Continuous Interconnected Drawings

A well-designed whiteboard animation video always catches audience attention and keep them engaged to know what’s next. Your audience feel interested because they want to know how the story is being drawn and how your story will take its shape. Continuous and interconnected drawings are good to grab audience attention you don’t always have to clean the whiteboard otherwise it will break the flow. You can go digital with whiteboard video animation it will not only look professional but will also give you a huge canvas to interconnect your drawings all together rather erasing again and again.

Rule # 8

Make It Educational

It’s easy for the people to learn things when there’s some fun element and because whiteboard animation is so attention grabbing and has a lot of potential therefore, you shouldn’t waste this potential. Try to use its potential to the fullest and educate your audience, make complex things easy for them.

Rule # 9

Read Your Script out Lout

Don’t forget to read your script out loud. It will help you to understand how you will be sounding to your audience. Just be natural, use powerful words in your script that must sound very natural towards your viewers. Be sure that your voice speed and inflection should be accurate and clear to convey your message in the best way possible.

Rule # 10

Seek out Best Whiteboard animation service

Since, your content must be of great quality otherwise it could be detrimental to your credibility. To avoid this, you can simply ask professional whiteboard animation makers to create your video. These teams can help you in turning your complex messages into the perfect yet simple whiteboard illustration.

Are you also looking to create an ideal whiteboard animation video for your business? Try vAnimations, we can help you create your animations based on your ideas and deadlines.