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The Different Types of Corporate Promo Videos for Your Business

corporate promotional video

The Different Types of Corporate Promo Videos for Your Business

Corporate animated video production is now becoming a part of integral business activities as it helps businesses to sell and promote products/services to a wide audience by increasing the visibility and accessibility of the specific business.

In fact, an animated promotional video that includes relevant details and specifications can perfectly showcase a product, its features, its unique selling points and everything that it is able to do.

Apart from keeping you on-trend, these animated marketing videos have a list of benefits for your online business.

Benefits of Animated Corporate Videos

Communicate your brand in seconds
Uplift your rate of conversions
Build Powerful Branding
Saves you on Ad
Engage your Audience
Provide better ROI
Shareable content
Works for both web and mobile

Today, due to the drastic increase in demand of animated videos, animated video production companies are coming up with the varieties of options and packages that suit the specific needs of a business.

A full-service video production agency like vAnimations can promote your business with different types of corporate promo videos. Here, we are running down some types of product promotional video and defining how each one could benefit your company.

Product Launches

Are you planning to launch your newly designed product? But finding no way to show it off to the world? Here comes the product launch video animations. These videos are very useful for the companies who are coming with the new products as it’s a great opportunity for them to easily describe their new product, its demonstration and establish its necessity to the customers.

The Instructional Video

Instructional videos are great and a more specific way to present your product demonstration. Instructional videos can be a good corporate promotional video because they can effectively explain to your users about how your product or service can be used. Also, you can show different situations in which your viewers can integrate with your product or service. The better your customers understand your product, the more chances of buying are there.

The Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos are very purposeful especially they help you to connect better with the potential customers. With a business testimonial video, you can feature the previous satisfied clients that have been successfully worked with you. These videos are quite fair and based on real client reviews. Testimonial videos also help businesses to convince other buyers in a practical way.

The Creative Video

Corporate creative promos are fun, allow you to use your creativity. You can use stories, characters, comedy, drama or anything to demonstrate your product. You can creatively present your company’s image to your clients with a creative promotional video.

The Internal Video

These videos are not only limited to the products. In fact, you can use corporate video for communication within your organization. Video can easily distribute staff training, seminars, and FAQ for the internal employees. You can utilize these videos to build a better network inside your company.

The Event Video

With the event video, you can show the world that in what events your company take part in. This could be the finest way for your marketing strategy and can help you to better show of that what it is that you do.

These are few basic corporate video styles, you can get much more ideas when you contact professional animated video production companies. If you would like to find out more about any of these types of corporate video feel free to contact vAnimations.