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9 Reasons Why Video Animation Should be Part of Your Marketing & Communication Strategy

9 Reasons Why Video Animation Should be Part of Your Marketing & Communication Strategy

Our vServices video animation production team work with clients to produce compelling, engaging, and visually striking visual presentations for our clients to use. More and more businesses are turning to video every day to build their client databases, drive sales, engagement and increase their brand capital.

In this article, we look at 9 compelling reasons to utilise video animation content and explain how they each will contribute to providing you with an excellent return on investment.

Video Animation Boosts Engagement, Conversions and Sales

Getting people to your website requires time, investment, and commitment. We all know the value of a first-page listing on Google. But did you know that most websites have a very high bounce rate? A bounce rate describes the proportion of users who leave your website after visiting who do nothing – not even click on to another page.

According to HubSpot, video on a landing page can result in an uplift of as much as 80% on your conversions. BrainShark discovered that 65% of video watches will stay for at least three quarters of the length of your video – that’s a lot stickier than written content.

According to Animoto, consumers prefer by a factor of four to one to watch a video about a product or service they’re considering buying than reading about it.

If it’s too difficult to explain in one sentence, then use video animation to explain

Someone a lot more famous and intelligent than me once said that “if you need to use more than one sentence to explain what you’re talking about, it’s too complicated”.

But what if, by its very nature, your products or services are brilliant but a customer needs their hand holding to truly understand how valuable working with you will be to them? An explainer video is the answer and they work. Wyzowl reports that 74% of website visitors who watched an explainer video then went on to purchase the product or service (either straight away or shortly afterwards).

Google Absolutely Loves Video

Through its ownership of YouTube, there is arguably no more switched on company to the possibilities that video animation offers than Google. So much so that it has started to list relevant videos within the main search results in addition to the “Video” tab underneath the search box. In fact, a quarter of Google searches display one video among their search results.

You’re also an amazing 53 times more likely to rank top in a Google search if you have embedded video on your website (source: MarTech Zone).


Video Animation Builds Trust & Credibility

There’s something comforting about attractive branding – it’s reassuring when a company takes the trouble to make itself look as good as it can. To many, it shows that the little things count and if the little things count to a company, they’ll deliver a better service or product.

Even though video animation marketing production costs have come down substantially in the last few years, it still looks and feels like it commands a premium. Because of this, it creates trust in your company and in your company proposition.

There’s more than that too. A consumer or business buyer watching your video can connect with the person delivering the presentation through intangibles like facial expressions and tone of voice. People buy from people first and video displays your people for the assets that they are and the value they bring to customers.


Video animation marketing significantly increases email responsiveness

HubSpot reports that adding the word “video” to your email subject line increases response rates by 19%. Better still, clickthrough rates jump by 65%.

If you’re already involved in email marketing, please get in touch with us so that we can provide you with an estimate on the returns you’d receive by including video.


Video animation Marketing is Memorable

And that’s scientific fact, according to DemoDuck. The content of a video is more likely to stay in your mind than the content of a written piece. Your brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text and it triggers an emotional response in your medial temporal lobe. Nine tenths of the information that comes into your mind is visual and 65% of us are “visual learners”.


Video animation marketing is great for branding

Sometimes, the story about a company and what makes it different is more than just the products, services, and customer support it offers. Behind every company are the human beings who run it.

The more we feel that there are real people behind a business who understand us and our concerns, the more we feel inclined to use them instead of those where the personalities of the staff is unintentionally hidden by a video-free website.

Video marketing can be used to increase the value of your brand by introducing customers to the people they deal with every day, by getting a glimpse inside your office, by interviews with key members of staff, and by showcasing your corporate social responsibility activities.

Video marketing goes viral on social media

92% of consumers of mobile videos share those videos with others, according to Precision Marketing Group. Posts containing videos are 1,200 more likely to be shared than posts containing text and images combined.

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vAnimations Studio is a sister brand of vServices Ltd and is a top, Global Animation Studio that produce 2D animation, 3D animation, Explainer Videos, Promotional Videos, Whiteboard Videos and Motion Graphics. We work with a diverse range of Global Clients, from Start-up to Enterprise level in many different sectors, including: Education, Healthcare, Media, Technology, Retail, Financial Services and many more.

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