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5 Tips To Advance Your Motion Graphics Presentation

5 Tips To Advance Your Motion Graphics Presentation

The power of visual communication is not at odds with the latest trends in design. Thanks to the numerous motion graphics presentations and projects that we have developed in recent years. Motion graphics presentation allow us to capture the attention of the public more immediately. The world of visual communication moves fast, especially in everything that has to do with the video.

Flat design motion graphics presentation video

The first thing that stands out in a motion graphics video is the use of flat design. What is flat design? You will quickly recognize it because it eliminates shadows, textures, and gradients. As a result, the design becomes cleaner and more elegant, with a sharper appearance and with solid edges. The shapes are geometric, which gives the overall appearance a minimalist air of modern design. The general aspect of the design is always impeccable and professional, something highly valued for companies. It also highlights the ability to adapt to any animation project, whatever the topic to be treated.

5 tips to expand your motion graphics presentation projects

We intend to share some ideas to improve the execution of your motion graphics videos. Here are some tips to progress your motion graphics presentation:

  1. Audio Sound:

Audio is an important tool to make videos more attractive and interesting, especially when we explain complex issues. In our experience, a bulky piece of motion graphics can become very tedious if the audio is not well executed. Sound effects applied to motion graphics presentation videos can help to reinforce the message and make the videos more interesting. Sound design can help the audience get more involved, especially when we have lengthy videos. The application of some simple sound effects such as “whooshes” in transitions or elements that appear/disappear quickly can make the video feel more dynamic. Adding simple audio resources that are consistent with actions such as “pops”, “bells” and “typing” can make a big difference.

  1. Music Edition:

Most of the time, in motion graphics presentation videos, a selection of music with an upbeat corporate style works well. When working with stock music galleries, we can look for options that fit the duration of our video, in case we cannot find an option or we have to limit ourselves to working with a specific track. We can make a simple edition on the track to cross the synchronization and make the musical conclusion come along with our video. Try to avoid monotony. Having the same track for a prolonged period could become tedious for the end-user. It is suggested that during the animatic process we can work on music editing. For lengthy videos, we can use more than one music track.

  1. Animations:

Creatively playing with typographic animations can make the motion graphics presentation eye-catching. We can focus on making more sophisticated animations for titles and important information that we want to highlight. For example, in a technology-themed video, we can make the text appear with glitches. For a fun style, we can “pop up” each letter independently or play with the “bounce”. This may require more effort and time but will result in a more dynamic video.

  1. Transitions and Acts:

For short motion graphics videos, we can jump from one scene to another in a creative way. For example a camera movement, creating a “wiper” with elements that cross in front of the screen or using the background panels to reveal the following sequence. This will help the video feel integrated and more dynamic. Discover new ways to support the elements and add some of these effects to the final version of your video.

  1. Animation curves:

Motion graphics presentation can become prominent if we work on values such as speed variations and transformations. We can also improve character animation by adding secondary animation. Working with speed values such as “smoothing” can improve the impact of our animation by giving more personality to our moving graphics.


Visual support is necessary for business presentations. The audience receives the messages directly, and the rapporteur starts with the advantage of not boring his audience. What is also evident is that animation has been done with this sector quickly. Through icons and with the support of text (with speech or without it) motion graphics presentations are created to woo the audience.

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